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Two Driveway Repair Tips For New Homeowners

When your driveway suffers damage, it can be a major eyesore for your property. Unfortunately, this is a fairly routine form of damage that most homeowners will need to address at some point or another. For those that are new to owning a home with a paved driveway, the following couple of tips can help […]

Making Simple Repairs To Your Asphalt Walkways

If you have asphalt walkways on your business property grounds, you will want to take necessary steps in maintaining them so customers are less at risk of an injury while utilizing them. Asphalt is a rather durable surface, but it will still require sporadic repair work to keep it in the best of shape. Here are some […]

Repair And Seal Your Cracked Concrete Steps

If there are concrete steps on your property that have small cracks in their in their surface due to moisture, learn how to repair them with the following steps. Once you have finished, apply a layer of seal coat to them so that they remain protected in the future.  Materials broom wire brush soapy water […]

How To Repair Cracks And Seal Your Driveway

If you’re a homeowner, you may notice that over time your driveway can develop cracks in the asphalt. A great way to mend those cracks is to use asphalt crack filler and sealer, which will make your driveway look new again. This is a job that you can easily do yourself with the proper tools […]

4 Permeable Paving Options

Paver stones are used to create smooth, stable surfaces for outdoor entertaining, parking, and walking. While pavers make a space safer to use and easier to maintain, they also come with some potential pitfalls in the form of stormwater runoff. In grassy, unpaved areas, rainwater is absorbed into the soil, where it is naturally filtered […]

What Causes Asphalt Driveways To Crack, Fade And Fall Apart?

When it’s first installed, your asphalt driveway will be a beautiful, rich black color. It will have well-trimmed edges with a smooth, gently sloping surface that will allow rain to run off the sides. Your freshly laid asphalt driveway will be water and chemical resistant. Over time, the rich black color of your driveway will […]

How To Avoid Common Mistakes When Paving Your Own Property

Some property owners choose to lay pavers on their own with the belief that they will save money. While this might be the case, if you make some of the most common mistakes when installing your own pavement, you will find yourself spending more money to repair your pavers. Lay the Pavers on the Right […]

4 Tips To Prevent Slips And Falls In Your Parking Lot This Winter

You never want to hear about one of your customers getting hurt on your property, and you probably know that there is a greater chance of this happening during the winter. Although there is no fool-proof way to prevent people from slipping and falling when it is icy and snowy outside, there are ways that […]

Is Your Asphalt Parking Lot Cracking? Learn About 3 Different Ways To Repair It

Even though one of the benefits of using asphalt for your parking lot is that it will withstand different weather conditions, the materials will not last forever. Cracks will eventually show up in the pavement, which will cause the surface to continue eroding and eventually require replacement. Thankfully, repairing cracks immediately after you notice them […]